Our coffee

Based in Delta, British Columbia, we import and roast as well as distribute fresh and flavourful speciality coffee.
We import only the finest Certified Fair Trade organic coffee. By purchasing only Certified Fair Trade coffee, we ensures that farmers and their communities receive fair value for their products. Through fair prices, farmers can support their families and create a better environment for their community. The fair trade practise benefits the consumer as well, by receiving superior product farmed without compromising the environment.

Light/Medium roast Light/Medium roast

Light/Medium roast

Medium roast Medium roast

Medium roast

Medium/Dark Roast Medium/Dark Roast

Medium/Dark Roast

Dark Roast Dark Roast

Dark Roast

Light/medium roast

Mexico Fairtrade Organic

Shade grown in the famed Oaxaca region. Light to medium body, milk chocolate and fruit spice overtones.

Medium roast coffee

Colombia Organic

Full-bodied, low acidity with nice aroma that can be floral or sweet/berry-like. Soft chocolate, caramel flavour. Creamy mouthfeel and pleasant aftertaste.

Ethiopian Sidamo Fairtrade Organic

This bean comes from a region in the southern highlands of Ethiopia. A refreshing, balanced cup with soft acidity, medium body and fruity finish with a hint of lemon.


Medium body with a floral aroma, medium to high acidity. Cleanly disappearing aftertaste.

Medium/Dark Roast

India AA Monsoon

These coffee beans are naturally dried under the Indian sun, and then exposed to the monsoon rains and wind. This unique process creates a mellow, sweet , spicy cup. Full-bodied with oak and chocolate undertones.

Papua New Guinea Classic

A bright cup with medium body. Nutty aroma, spicy tones with a touch of honey sweetness. Low acidity and clean aftertaste.

Panama Classic

A well-rounded cup with a splash of cherry. Full-bodied, buttery on the tongue. Sweet with a pleasant aftertaste.

Organic Pacific Espresso

A blend of three excellent beans carefully selected from Asia, Central America, and South America. Vibrant Characteristics. Honey taste, syrupy, sweet with a lingering rich aftertaste. Delicious.

Brazil Rainforest

This beautiful bean has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. This dry processed bean can be used for espresso or filter coffee. A rich medium bodied cup.

Nicaragua Rainforest Organic

A medium to full-bodied, well balanced. Fragrant with a velvety mouthfeel, a touch of melon and honey

Ethiopian Nile

From the birthplace of coffee comes a sweet, complex, medium to full-bodied cup. Grown in the shade of a dense forest until ready to be picked. Fragrant, full of flavour, with a lingering aftertaste and a hint of spice.

Ethiopian Yrgacheffe Fairtrade Organic

Floral aroma, citrus, green tea and hibiscus tones. Medium body with pleasant brightness.

Guatemala Rainforest

A beautifully balanced coffee with a well rounded flavour and clean aftertaste. Medium body, buttery mouthfeel. Sweet with a touch of vanilla and chocolate. Easy on the tongue!

Speciality Blend Fairtrade Organic

A smooth blend, infused with a hint of tropical fruit and spicy tones. Full body, ending in a glorious overall taste. .

Ethiopian Harrar Fairtrade Organic

This sun dried, ripe cherry gives you a complex rich, overall cup with spicy tones and a hint of almond. Medium body, creamy with a deep aroma.

Heritage Espresso Fairtrade Organic

Our bold, aggressive espresso with a strong, dry edge. Rich aromatics captured in it’s beautiful brown crema, excellent for cappuccinos and lattés. A tasty shot with a heavy body.

Swiss Decaf Fairtrade Organic

100% chemical free, all natural, 99.9% caffeine free. Gently roasted to bring out the special full flavor, floral aroma, and mild acidity. This medium bodied coffee is the best decaf coffee you will ever drink.

Three Oceans Blend Fairtrade Organic

A finely roasted cup, Medium body with balanced acidity, and a hint of dark chocolate. This combination of Asian, African, and American beans finishes with lingering sweet florals.

Sumatra Fairtrade Organic

This Indonesian coffee comes from the Gayo Highlands region in Sumatra. Full-bodied, floral, with spicy tones, low acidity, very good aroma and a sweeter cup.

Pacific Organic Black and White Blend

This carefully roasted medium and dark blend uses Central American beans. Perfectly balanced acidity a light smoky flavor, and cocoa aftertaste for a perfect cup.

Kenya Classic

This extraordinary coffee comes from the Nyeri Region in Kenya. A fragrant coffee with complex sweetness and fruit notes. A mild, winey aroma, combined with a syrupy body, ending in a beautiful floral finish. Don’t miss this cup!

Dark Roast

Italian Roast Fairtrade Organic

This traditional Italian Roast, brings out the sweetness of the bean and has a deep flavor. Rich with spicy tones and lightly smoked with a clean aftertaste. An excellent cup of coffee, also good for stovetop espresso.

French Roast Fairtrade Organic

A combination of Asian and South American beans giving a full-bodied, complex, tight knit flavor. Low acidity, with an embracing aroma, and pleasantly lingering aftertaste.

Peru Fairtrade Organic

Nutty aroma with light smoky flavor. Buttery mouthfeel and well-rounded cocoa aftertaste.